Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Janey Lee Grace and Aroma Natural

The last few weeks have been really exciting and busy for Aroma Natural!

After much thinking and deliberating I finally took the plunge and went on board with Janey Lee Grace and her team of expert, friendly helpers.

Janey Lee Grace is a great ambassador for everything to do with natural living and her enthusiasm is enormous stretching out to the public as well as businesses large and small in her bid to spread the ‘natural’ word. She has made a huge name for herself through TV, Radio and her wonderful books.

Her first piece of advice to me was to know your brand, who and what you are – so this is me..........

My love of a natural world instead of a chemical world sits right at the top of my passion, believing that what you put on your skin and hair is paramount to a healthy lifestyle alongside with what you put inside yourself,  i.e. your food, even down to the fact I believe for every ailment there is a natural way of curing it. So often we want a quick fix and we are not willing to wait for natures slower way.

When we had our outdoor GOS pig herd we farmed naturally, when I made sausages it was naturally – no artificial flavouring or colours, using natural skins. If we had a problem within the herd it was treated naturally. Our horses and dogs are all treated and cared for as naturally as we can and they are all used to me using essential oils and base oils to keep them fit and healthy. When we finished pig farming it made sense for me to start my new business on the farm, doing what I had spent a life time practising – organic skin care, beauty products and perfume all natural ingredients – no chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no artificial colouring - Aroma Natural is just that simple and purely natural.

We are now a recommended business with Janey Lee Grace and proudly carry her ‘Janey Loves’ logo on our website. Her website has a wealth of information on it, from great companies, to great products to great information. You can enter competitions to win great natural products, you can read about natural companies and and find out about exciting new products. 

Head over to the website at

We believe in our natural products and with Janey's recommendations you can believe in us. Begin your natural journey with us on our farm at

Aroma Natural, Lower Green Farm, 56 Moorgate Road, Hindringham, Norfolk, NR21 0PT

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