Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Make Your Own Bath Bombs Kits

First, you will need basic equipment; mould, bowls, scales, spoons, trigger spray and protective gloves etc. Always observe good hygiene rules and always supervise any young children. Work in a well ventilated area as making bath bombs can be dusty. Store finished items and any left over ingredients safely and well labelled and away from children/animals.

Basic Bath Bomb Recipe : produces 6-8 medium size bombs using 60mm mould

Ingredients :  500gms Sodium Bicarbonate
                       250gms Citric Acid
                       Up to 100ml Sweet Almond Oil and Essential Oil blend
                       Dried Flowers - optional
                       One mould

To Make :

Blend all dry ingredients together in a bowl, making sure there are no lumps. Add a few dried flowers..
Mixed together Sweet Almond Oil and Essential Oils and place in trigger spray.
Using a few sprays at a time, stirring briskly, gradually add the essential oils into the mix until it becomes like  damp sand used to make sandcastle.
Overfill one half of the mould and then overfill second half of mould. Push the two halves together without twisting it. Don't worry if you have not got the two halves matched completely.
Place to one side for aprox. 30 mins. Remove one half of the mould. Remove second half after another 30 mins. 
Do not twist the moulds to release the mould or the bomb might break.
Leave over night to dry completely. Wrap and store out of direct light and in dry conditions.

To Use :

Either place whole bomb into your bath or cut in halves and watch the fizz. Relax and enjoy your bath.

N.B : Take care when using as the bath can become slippery due to the oils.

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