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There are only a few essential oils that I would recommend for use on babies up to two months old and they are :

Chamomile Roman, Chamomile German, Lavender, Yarrow and Dill

One of the most effective ways of using essential oils for babies is to allow the oils to evaporate and circulate throughout the babies room and there are two methods of doing this. One is to place one drop of essential oil in steaming water and allow the steam to rise from the floor and permeate the room, keeping the baby away from the direct steam at all times. The other way is to use a diffuser, by placing one drop of essential oil to a dessertspoon of water in the diffuser. Try not to use the natural clay type diffusers for babies - a glazed one is much better as this can be kept clean and is not porous.

Digestive problems - colic, indigestion, constipation or diarrhoea :

Use one drop of dill in water

Sleep :

One drop of Chamomile Roman
Wrinkled dry skin : Synergistic Blend

30ml Sweet Almond Oil
3 drops Jojoba Oil
10 drops Wheatgerm Oil
8 drops Chamomile German
1 drop Lavender

This oil will turn slightly blue/green when made up, so dont be worried. Gently massage the baby paying particular attention to the dry, wrinkled areas every day - one drop of the blend can even be put into the baby's bath. Over a few days you should see a difference in the skin.

Nappy Rash :

Either : Chamomile and Lavender in equal proportions
or :       Yarrow and Lavender in equal proportions

After the babys bottom has been cleaned use cotton wool dipped into 1pint  of warm water into which 1 drop of each of your chosen 2 part combination of essential oils have been added. Use clean cotton wool each time you clean the baby's bottom. Add one drop of your combination of oils into one desertspoon of zinc and castor oil cream and apply to the dry bottom.

Cradle Cap : 2-6 mths

2 tablespoons of Almond Oil
1 drop Eucalyptus Lemon
1 drop Geranium

Massage very gently into the scalp, avoiding the fontanelle, once a day until the problem has gone.

Massage :

Aroma_Natural_Baby_Massage.gif 2 tablespoons Sweet Almond Oil and one drop Lavender or Chamomile

All babies love to be massaged and this is a wonderful way for mums to spend time with them other than feeding time and can help mum especially if she is suffering from post-natal depression or ' baby blues' by reducing stress hormones and anxiety so helping to allieviate depression. This can also help with bonding with baby as not all mums feel this in the beginning, but as you gently touch your baby with eye to eye contact it can be encouraged.

Make sure the room is warm enough for the baby to be undressed and your hands and the oil are both warm before you start. Also, make sure you are relaxed before you start, especially your fingers and hands.

Gently massage your baby's fingers, hands and arms using small circular movements, very lightly at first until baby becomes used to it. Gradually work up to the shoulders and chest, moving across the tummy, down the thighs, legs and to the toes. Turn the baby over onto the tummy and repeat going down the back and bottom. Small circular movements can also be used on the head but use light stroking movements on the face. Once the baby becomes more relaxed you can apply more pressure.

Other techniques that can be used are kneading (gently like making dough) being careful not to pinch the skin, or cupping your hands and gently tapping rythmically over the body.

Take your time and do not hurry - precious moments with your baby.

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