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Cuts & Grazes
Children are always getting into some sort of scrape or other throughout childhood – they can never walk when they could run everywhere – why stay on the ground when you can climb trees – this is childhood. Sadly, today in our ‘nanny state’ children are not encouraged to play outside or in playgrounds quite so much as they were years ago, and seeing bruices on legs and arms now is a worry to parents, even though the explaination is simple. However, cuts and grazes do still happen and aromatherapy oils can play a huge part in the healing process.
 Oils to help are : Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Tea Tree

Essential oils can help fight infection and promote healing. Carry on using them even as the scabs form as we all know children just have to pick at them!

To a pint of warm water add a drop of Tea Tree oil and 10 drops of Lavender, using cotton wool clean making sure the area is clean and any dirt is removed etc. Not only does Lavender help with any infection it also has a calming effect on the hurt child. Leaving cuts and grazes to heal in the air is better and quicker but obviously if there is a danger of re-infection or slight bleeding it will need to be covered. Repeat the essential oil bathing a few hours later.

TIP : If you cover with a plaster put one drop of neat Lavender onto the plaster as this will help heal the wound quicker and minimise the likelihood of a scar.


As soon as the area has been hurt apply neat Witch Hazel to the area to soothe and help ‘bring out’ the bruise. You can also wrap ice cubes in a towel and hold against the area. A good homeopathic cream called Arnica is extremely good in helping with bruising and can be brought at all good chemists.


Oils to help : Lavender
N.B. Only treat minor burns never attempt to treat a bad burn, always seek medical help.

Firstly, run the burn under running cold water – if the area can’t be put under a tap apply a cold compress. Put 2 drops of neat Lavender onto a clean flannel and place this into a bowl of really cold water, preferably with ice cubes added. Wring out the flannel and place gently over the burn. This does usually stops any blistering.

Aches & Pains

These aches and pains in children are often called ‘growing pains’ and can be extremely painful and upsetting to children. They occur at night and usually go during the day. Obviously children do get aches and pains through excersise, like gymnastics and swimming. If the pain continues in the same place and goes on for long periods of time it is best to seek medical help.

Oils to help :Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender

To 30ml Sweet Almond Oil add 5 drops Peppermint, 5 drops Rosemary and 5 drops Lavender

Massage the area gently using the above combination of oils. Rosemary should only be used on children over 5 years old so just leave this oil out for any children under that age.

Tummy Aches

If in any doubt about your childs tummy aches please consult your doctor or medical help.

Oils to help : Peppermint, Dill, Eucalytus, Coriander, Geranium, Rosemary, Lavender

Add a combination of oils to 30ml Sweet Almond oil and gently massage the tummy area in a clockwise direction and then the back also in a clockwise direction. A general massage oil for the tummy is 9 drops Dill and 6 drops Geranium. If this does not have any effect try substituting Dill with Peppermint.

Sore Throats

These are caused usually by a virus or bacteria and can be mild or rather unpleasant. Again for more serious conditions consult your doctor. Its very important to give your children lots of fluid whenever they are ill and adding honey and lemon to warm water helps soothe the throat. Also, adding honey to warm water and getting your child to gargle with it also helps soothe.

Oils to help : Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, Ginger, Chamomile

To 30ml Sweet Almond Oil add 15 drops Tea Tree, 10 drops Lavender, 5 drops Ginger and 2 drops Lemon and use as a masage oil gently massaging the throat area, chest area and back. Also this oil can be used in a diffuser.

Colds & Coughs

Essential oils can play a big part in helping with colds and coughs either by massage, inhalations or in a diffuser. They can help the child breath more easily and help with tickly or chesty coughs. Again seek medical help if symptons persist or increase.

Oils to help : Tea Tree, Chamomile Roman, Eucalyptus, Lavender & Thyme

As with sore throats children need plenty of fluids and the honey and lemon drinks are invaluable at this time. Oils can be added to a diffuser and placed in a safe position in the childs room, allowing the essential oils into the air. Oils can be added to hot (but not boiling) water and an older child can inhale the vapours. Add oils to Sweet Almond oil for a wonderful massage, again throat, chest and back area. Thyme is very good for coughs.

Sleep problems

We all expect our children to be able to sleep every night, but just like adults they do sometimes have problems. First, find out if something is bothering a child, especially at school or with friends - remember little things are a big deal to a child. Night fears, monsters, dark all can stop a child from sleeping and they do need lots of reassurance from mum and dad at this time.

Oils to help : Mandarin, Chamomile Roman, Palma Rosa, Geranium and Clary Sage, Lavender

N.B. Children under five should not use Geranium and Clary Sage

A combination of these oils can be added to the childs bath before bedtime, especially Chamomile and Lavender. Add to 30ml Sweet Almond oil and use as a massage. After a bath give your child a massage to relax them, paying special attention to their feet as the oils can be absorbed easily here. Oils can be added to Lavender Water and used as a spray on the pillow or bed linen or used in a diffuser in the bedroom.

Childhood Asthma

Its heartbreaking to watch a child wheeze and fight for breath when they have asthma and your doctors advise should always be adhered to. However, essential oils can play an important role in assisting your child with this complaint. Quite often childhood asthma does go as your child gets older - but not always. Looking at their diet and exercise can help and seeing if household products like furniture polish, deodorants, perfume, feathers and dust make the condition worse.

Oils to help: Over 2 years old : Lavender, Geranium and Frankincense

Oils are best combined with 30ml Sweet Almond oil and used as a massage oil. Starting at the base of the spine, place your hands either side of the vertebrae and move in an upward stroke towards the shoulder using long sweeping strokes, then down the sides of the body. Repeat several times using the same sweeping strokes. Keeping a child calm and realxed does help with breathing problems.

Childhood Croup

As above

Athletes Foot

Children suffer from this just as much as adults, especially as they probably swim more and use school gymns. The infectious fungi causes the skin to flake and become very itchy and sore.

Oils to help: Tea Tree, Lavender and Tagetes

Add 5 drops of Tea Tree to warm salted water and soak the childs feet every day. Make sure in between the toes are thoroughly dried.
Also, add Tea Tree and Tagetes to Sweet Almond oil and massage the feet. Always keep in between the toes clean and dry and use pure cotton socks.

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