Monday, 13 June 2011

Discover How To Make

Aroma Natural & Total Bliss

Kerry from Total Bliss and myself decided to get together and hold a fun but informative event in my farmhouse in North Norfolk
 Discover How To Make a Body Scrub

Enjoy a Professional Personal Massage

Receive an Information Pack

20% Discount off Products from Aroma Natural

Enjoy a light Supper with Wine/Coffee/Tea/Soft Drink

Six people attended and although it was our very first event it all ran smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves.

We started off in my kitchen where everyone met and had a chat over drinks and briefly went through the evenings event. Then it was off to my dining-room where the table had been set out with six places, six bowls, six recipes and lots of ingredients and essential oils.

    Five of the ladies

Kerry took one lady through to the living room where wonderful essential candles burned and gently, soothing music played for a fantastic Indian Head Massage.
    Kay enjoying her Indian Head Massage

There was great excitement over choosing which oils each person wanted to use and it was interesting to see that everyone had different ideas as to which were their favourite aromas and which ones they didnt like – surprisingly everyone choose a different combination.

One by one each lady went through with Kerry to enjoy her own massage, again everyone chose an Indian Head Massage, although Liz did comment that next time she would like a foot massage!

Oils chosen - everyone blended them into the base oil of Sweet Almond and Coconut oil and gradually added them to the already weighed out Salts until they had their own Body Scrub made.

It was also interesting to see bowls being passed around so each person could smell what everyone else had made.

Everyone was interested in trying their creation so in came warm bowls of water and soft towels so these great Body Scrubs could be tested. I think they were  all very happy and pleased with themselves over the scrubs they had made.

By the time Kerry had given each lady her 20mins of Indian Head Massage all the Body Scrubs had been tested and the remainder put into little organza bags to be taken home.

I was really pleased that during the making of the Body Scrubs everyone had questions to ask about different essential oils and why we only use natural products at Aroma Natural and Kerry was being asked about different massages that could be given and about her Reikki she does at Total Bliss.

Then it was time to eat and retire back into my living-room where the guests were happily looking at the products out on display.

Again, many questions were asked regarding the products and two guests booked for our ‘Discover How To Make Bath Bombs’ being held in August.

Anyone wanting to book for Saturday, 16th July, 2011 – 10.30am – 2.30pm please contact me : or Tel : 01328 87817

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