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As a Learning Disabilities nurse who is almost qualified, I was thankful and interested to be asked to write about the benefits of essential oils for people with ADHD - Attention Deficit, Hyperactive Disorder.

Below is a diagram of the brain in a child with ADHD


I am Kerry of TOTAL BLISS, qualified to practice Reiki and Indian Head Massage. I am  very passionate about exploring different ways to help people, especially in a natural, non invasive way.

 is the MOST common behavioral disorder starting at childhood. It can however, occur at any age. 
Symptoms include, limited concentration, restlessness, temper tantrums involving violent episodes, too much effort put into physical tasks, anger, over confident in physical tasks and going from being OK to out of control in seconds.

 For parents living with a child with ADHD it can be so challenging/devastating and exhausting.
The most common conventional treatment is Ritalin. This does not cure ADHD but can help the symptoms. However, it does not help a huge amount of children and comes with side effects.

Some people may seek a natural path.

Having researched into this subject I was fascinated to find that AROMATHERAPY ESSENTIAL OILS could be so effective. This is partly due to our brains having a blood brain barrier. This barrier allows certain substances in and blocks most harmful substances. It is a line of defence. As essential oils contain small chemical components they are one of the few molecules, natural or synthetic, that can cut through that barrier to the brain. They can directly heal the brain. Therefore that makes them a very powerful tool to treat brain disorders and emotional issues.

Dr Terry Fieldman carried out a clinical study in 2001. He found that :


Vetiver oil, which is quite unknown, musky and smoky essential oil is extremely effective. It helped 100% of the children involved! This is simply applied to the big toe. [ brain reflex point] 

Cederwood came next  at 83% effective.

Lavender next at 60%
There are many sites on the internet to look at and gain even more knowledge. Personally, I am very excited to discover just how effective these essential oils can be, with no side effects when used correctly whatsoever.  

Thankyou Aroma Natural for asking me if I could offer some advice to a parent with a child with ADHD.


It is good to remember that often the parents need help to! So I recommend taking time out for a massage or something enjoyable to you. Good luck!

Kerry from TOTAL BLISS

N.B. Of course always consult your doctor before introducing anything new

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