Friday, 27 April 2012

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose is extracted from the seeds of the plant. It is a bright yellow edible plant that blooms in the evening and closes during the day. Other names are, Suncup and Fever Plant. Therapeutically, the flowers, seeds, fruit and roots of the Evening Primrose have been used for centuries.


Below is a list of common uses :

Helps reduce the effects of Acne, Eczema, Scaling, Redness and Itchy skin, Bruising and Boils

Evening Primrose oil is used in many creams, moisturisers and face masks. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and emollient properties which penetrate through the layers of skin, making it feel softer and smoother. Its these properties that help combat the effects of the above skin problems. Also, its essential fatty acids can help reduce the amount of sebum present.
Evening Primrose oil is known to treat age spots, wrinkles and dark circles and helps hydrate dry, red, itchy skin.

Can be effective in relieving the symptoms of Arthritis

The anti-inflammatory properties of Evening Primrose makes it ideal for relieving the symptoms of arthritis, especially rheumatoid. Ideal to use as a massage oil for this condition.

Helps with the symptoms associated with PMS, Menopause, Breast Pain or Tenderness, Bloating and Mood Swings

Evening Primrose has long been used to help people suffering from the above symptoms. Fluctuating hormone levels of oestrogen and progesterone are usually the causes of PMS, cramps, menopausal problems like hot flushes and mood swings. Using Evening Primrose can help regulate the hormone levels. Massage oil containing Evening Primrose is ideal to use.

High Blood Pressure

Its rich in good Omega 3 that can help reduce cholestrol and minimise the chances of stroke or heart problems caused by high blood pressure.

Evening Primrose has also been used for controlling weight, for asthma and coughs.

At Aroma Natural, Evening Primrose is one of the oils that is blended into our Bath and Body Oil. You can reap the benefits of this wonderful oil by adding a few drops of our  Bath/Body Oil to your bath water or using the oil every day massaged directly into your skin. Teas can be made using Evening Primrose or it can be purchased in tablet form.

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